Friday, February 19, 2010

so long..

indeed, since my hiatus.. so many things happened, and many changes too..

so much to say, so little time.
albeit aimless currently. so what shall i do next?

will be 27 in another 2 mths time but.. i feel as if i'm only 21.. still so childish..
yet to learn the ways of the corporate world, yet to know what i really want.

nay, no accomplishments.. what e hell have i been doing with my life???

Friday, November 13, 2009

wat's next?

wound up?

wat's next, prefectionist?

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Have you noticed something different at the mrt stations?

Are you sure nothing??

Think again...

Notice the surroundings...

Haiz... You mean you did not notice the greyish boxy rubbish bins back in the stations?


I know i am uber boliao...

Can you recall why all the bins were removed in the first place?
Because the government was worried that terrorist would literally 'throw' bombs into the bins.
I can also recall that the above action caused much inconvenience to the public, especially those who wanted to throw their litter before taking the train.

But now the bins are back.
Am i supposed to be glad for a small convenience brought back or to feel paranoid whenever i take the train now?
Does this mean that the threat has subsided and we can now let our guard down?

All i know is i dun wanna die at a young age.
There's still so much to achieve, so much to look forward!

=D That's all i wanna say!

Ya, i know i am uber uber boliao!


Monday, September 1, 2008


my mentor deserted me after coaching me for only 7 working days, for greener pastures..
am happy for him but am stressed and worried for me.

i dunno who to depend on now, cuz its a sales industry = selfish industry.
now i gotta work even harder to prove my worth, and i even need to fend my livelihood.

to give a very important 1st impression to the clients and be prepared.
to also be prepared when candidates counter question me...

am brain dead to blog. soo tired from work.
i've thought too much about work since i started work.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

what luck!

My new office is located on the 34th storey, the main lobby's lift is at the 2nd storey.

On Friday, the story starts...

My mentor and i had to go for a client visit at 3.30pm at 1 Raffles Quay, which is a mere 10 mins from my office building.

At 3pm the fire alarm rang, but alas a false alarm... We left the office at 3.10pm to take the lift.


Options we had:
1) Wait for the lift to operate. However, we had no idea on how long that would take. And we could end up being VERY late for the meeting.
2) Walk down the stairs. And perhaps be only slightly late for the meeting.

What choice does one have when we are the ones visiting the client??? We are left with only Option 2.

In my 3-inches stilettos, i walked down from the 34th floor to the 23rd. But i felt that it was taking up much precious time, so i took off my shoes and continue to proceed downstairs barefooted. In total, it took us near 10 mins.

By the time, we met the client, it was 3.35pm. Luckily, he was a very nice fella.

However, inside his room, wearing my jacket, after rushing down the stairs and across the road to his office tower... As i was sitting there, my sweat steadily dripped onto my jacket.

Embarrassingly, i had to take out my tissue and wipe away the sweat. A few times.

This is my first client visit and it is definitely not a memorable experience. I really wonder what first impression does the client has of me.

Am i unlucky or what!?

ps: I'm so weak... My legs and hips muscles are aching once again...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My colleague, S.V.

My colleague, C.V. writes beautiful poems and letters of God. And i wish to keep it in this blog, so that in the future, i can have easy access to it.

If you would be interested in reading, i've categorized it under the label "Loving God".


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Words from a colleague

"There are all kinds of people in this society and you must accept that you have to manage different folks with different strokes.

There will be down days and happy days. Give thanks for both because the former will mould you if you handle it with the right spirit,

And the latter is a reward to weather the down days. :)

- S.V."

Words from a colleague. Thanks.